Pawz Dog Boots

A WooCommerce store working in the pet product niche.

The sell dog boots to keep your dog healthy, protect paws from injury and keep your house clean. The boots, made of a durable natural rubber, provide a strong barrier between the dog’s paws and potentially dangerous substances such as harmful snow melt chemicals, searing hot pavement and dog run bacteria


The team behind Pawz Dog Boots were looking to automate their fulfilment process, to increase productivity and reduce the need for them to work in their business packing up and send out packages.


We implemented a fulfilment by Amazon solution.

Their inventory is held in Amazon warehouses in a number of locations in the US, this allows them to benefit from lower costs of shipping by having inventory nearer to their customers

An addon in WooCommerce collects their orders and sends it to the closest (to the customer) warehouse and the items are packed and shipped on their behalf

The result faster shipping and more time for the store owner to focus on building their business and not spend all their time packing goods.


Why not visit the site and check out the work I did for my client.