Radical Roots & Herbs

A WooCommerce store focusing on selling traditional Chinese medicines & hemp based prodicts.

We understand and approach the different cannabinoids and terpenes them through both the lens of Chinese Medicine and modern bioscience. Currently, we use two strains of hemp for our formulas but we are working hard to source the appropriate hemp to match each formula. That way our terpene and cannabinoid profile will all enhance the actions we are focused on in each formula.




The team behind Radical Roots and Herbs have a number of challenges, including subscription services and an affiliate program, this portfolio item will focus on the subscription part of the build.


We implemented a subscription box service where products are auto billed and shipped every X days.

A combination of the WooCommerce subscription plugin,. stripe and set products as a subscription addons.

The store owner now has a recurring box subscription service for their medicinal hers and roots.

The benefit is a reliable recurring income stream.


Why not visit the site and check out the work I did for my client.