Client Testimonials

Here are a selection of testimonials my clients have been kind enough to leave for me over the years.

I had the pleasure of working with Neil in my role as the Product Owner on an enterprise scale WordPress &WooCommerce project in which Neil led the development of a global ecommerce platform. He is the consume professional with an approach of “anything is possible” which saw us launch 3 stores across 2 continents within 10 months of each other seeing revenue generation increase significantly.

I would not hesitate to recommend Neil to anyone looking for a high quality & professional WordPress / WooCommerce website no matter how complex or unique.

Ian Cort

This weekend I really got to appreciate the technical assistance of Neil Matthews. I was launching a new product with some collaborators. I was the one in charge of adding in the “Buy Now” buttons to the program’s webpage. I hadn’t done that in a while and felt a little uncertain. I followed the procedure w/ Pay Pal. All we got was some buttons that really looked like nice images and nothing else. If you clicked, nothing happened. I called Pay Pal. The tech assist said this was and “integration issue” well beyond her pal. After waiting quite sometime, they opened a ticket for me, to be resolved in a couple of days. I emailed Neil. It was the weekend. He made the buttons work. But the minute I edited the post, they stopped. The hole thing was very unstable. I insisted that i wanted to access and learn a way to do this on my own time that would be reliable and work all the time. I want my clients to be treated the way I like to be treated when I buy online. I was already thinking, EventBrite, Shopping Carts, all kinds of complication that would also raise the price or lower the gain. Neil came up with a solution that’s very effective and easy to implement. He created a plugin that appears on every page of my dashboard. This plugin is connected w/ my Pay Pal account. When I open I get to insert the name of the button I want to appear in my post. The button appears and it’s totally protected. I can continue to edit the post to my heart’s content. The button stay s in place and works! Woooooow. That was really great. How did it happen? Neil was responsive all the time. He was really present to my problem. And the solution was found within the same day. I really appreciate the support of Neil Matthews.

Dr. SerenaGaia

I have enjoyed Neil’s services punctually over many years. Most recently, beginning 2020, I needed a big job done, i.e. transfer my website from a proprietary platform back to WordPress. I was doubtful that it could be done and very nervous. But my experience with Neil was amazing. He has taken care of everything, transferred data and configuration, and was attentive to the very last detail. Not only was it well done, but also quickly and at very reasonable cost. I full heartedly recommend Neil to anyone who needs work done with WordPress. Your serenity will be all the better for it! Thank you again Neil.

Doris Edwards

Working with Neil has been a pleasure. Very impressed with the finished product and all the support from start to finish.

Rick Ferola

Neil worked with us to update our Word Press and various plug-ins to bring us current for our website. Was very responsive on providing a quote for work required. Once we got him required passwords he performed the task quickly and efficiently.


What a find! A real gem. Neil was easy, quick and reliable. Three things that are rare. He understood what I wanted from the beginning and got it done quick. He was better than any full service agency I could have chosen. I look forward to working with him again and would wholeheartedly recommend him.

Michael Friedland

I’ve been using Neil’s services for over 10 years now, and I don’t know what I’d do without his technical expertise. He’s my go-to guy whenever I need specialized support for my own website or one of my clients, and I can count on my issue being resolved professionally, promptly and efficiently.

Janet Barclay

Working with Neil and his team has been one of the very best investments I’ve made on my blog. They make everything EASY…from security and WordPress plugin updates to coding and technical stuff. The ROI has been unmatched elsewhere.


It was to my good fortune that 10 years I blew up my WordPress website and found myself typing “help for blow up wordpress website” into a Google search bar.

Neil Matthews came up.

Great… probably some high school kid. Who knows if they will fix or hack my website.

Turns out Neil is this middle aged guy who decided that doing his own thing was preferable to the corporate IT gig.

Neil quickly fixed my blown to smithereens website and at a fair price. Since then we have worked on many projects together. Everything from him fixing what I break, to helping with migrations, installations of software that I’m smart to keep my paws off of, and bit of CSS that beautify my website.

Basically, Neil is my IT department and I could not have the website and business I have without his expert help. And here’s the best part… he’s not only technically capable, he is also fun to work with.

I can not recommend Neil highly enough.

Michael Max

I’m very happy with Neil’s services, which was installing the WPML plugin to my website and get everything up and running. Everything was done professionally and on time. His communication was top notch all through the process and he always answered my questions within minutes. He gets my highest recommendation and I would love to work with him again.