My name is Neil Matthews and I’m the owner of  Let me tell you a little more about myself.

I’m a WordPress consultant and I specialise in fixing those annoying technical issues that break on WordPress sites. 80% of running a WordPress site is none technical it’s that final 20% where things break, if you are hacked, if you need custom code or just cannot solve an error message, that’s where I step in.

I work on fixed-price jobs, what I quote is what you pay.  Fees are 50% up front as a deposit an the rest upon completion.

I’m based in the UK but I work with clients from all over the world,  I can confidently say I have clients from every continent except Antarctica.

The blog attached to is designed to help small business owners build their business online via a website and associated techniques.

I used to work under the brand but I’m not a dude, I’m 48 so the name had to go.

Here’s a picture of me looking moody and interesting:

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